We just got back from 5 days in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness and my first attempt at using a hammock. Weather was perfect, highs in the high 60's and lows in the mid 30's. I used my Hennessy Expedition Assym with a 2qzq zipper mod and a crowsnest 3/4 length underquilt. I used my Marmot Never Winter 30 degree bag as a top quilt. I forgot to bring a short pad for my footbox so I just stuffed my down jacket in the bottom and rested my feet on top of it.

We car camped the first night at Trapper Springs Campground and I used an Eno Doublenest with the Crowsnest and it worked great. Our first night backpacking we stayed at Cliff Lake. I set up my Hennessy hammock in about the only decent spot with a view of the lake. It was a little short but and I couldn't get a full stretch but it was good enough.

We hiked up to Island Lake. It was beautiful but it was too cold and windy so we headed back down to Dinkey Lake #2 and set up camp.

Island Lake

Dinkey Lake #2 camp

I used my DIY Bushbuddy stove and it worked surprisingly well.

In the morning the fog moved in over the lake and brought a chill to us but I was plenty warm with my down jacket on.

Breakfast was Mountain House Eggs with peppers and bacon with a cup of coffee that I brewed on my DIY Atomic Stove.

We went on a 6 mile day hike around Dinkey Lake #1, Mystery Lake, Swede Lake and South Lake before heading back to camp.

We made a pretty good fire and told stories around the campfire.

I took a ton of photos, over 190 in all. I uploaded them to a slideshow. You can check them out if you've got the time.


We had a great time and I've never slept better on a backpack trip before. I think the tent will be left at home from now on. I think I've convinced a few ground dwellers too.

I shot over 2 hours of video and I'll put together a short video when all my gear is cleaned up and put away.

I'll also put together an audio podcast of our adventure at www.anthonysaudiojournal.com in a few weeks.