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    Question for Hammock Gear summer UQ owners regarding tempature ratings.

    The Hammock Gear website suggests that their summer-weight underquilts (both full-length, and -length) will keep users warm to 40 with 800 fill down, and 35 with 900 fill down. How accurate is this?

    Now, to be unmistakably clear: in no way do I mean to imply that Mr. StormCrow would intentionally exaggerate these figures. However, sometimes gear manufactures can be a bit optimistic with their temp ratings, or sometimes the temp ratings they suggest are survival temperatures, not comfort temperatures. Of course we all know there are a slew of factors that affect actual performance; "warm sleeper" vs "cold sleeper," sleepwear, body composition, wind, humidity, et cetera, et cetera. But all things considered, the temp ratings should be generally accurate. So, with that said...

    Do you own a Hammock Gear summer UQ? If so:

    1) What are the coldest conditions in which you've used it?
    2) How did it perform?
    3) Were there any mitigating factors (e.g., you're a particularly warm/cold sleeper, you used a bag liner, et cetera)?

    Thank you very much!

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