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Hi, new here but been at the other forum for a while.....

Anyway, I am enthralled by whoopee slings and possibilities,
But because I'm cheap, I want to make them from locally available 3/8 inch yellow hollow braid poly rope.

On the package it says working load is 200 lbs or so.
But the specs on line gives 2880 lbs as tensile strength.

see here:

I'm a big guy and with a 30° hang with my weight 200 lbs of tension is possible.

Am I in danger of catastrophic headfirst midnight dismount (CMHD)?

If my math isnīt totally wrong the tension on your line (with a 30° hang and weighing 200 lbs) would be 400 lbs.
If the poly rope can take a load of 1980 lbs that would give you a safety of approx 1:5.
Thatīs (for me) enough.

But, and theres always one, is that the rope might be difficult to handle, it might not be weather-resistant and so on.
But, test it, and let us know how it works.

Says me, who is thinking in the same direction.....
(Because I canīt get any Amsteel Blue where I live)