After basically taking a camping break this summer I hung up my hammock this weekend for the first time since March for an afternoon hang. And I seem to have problems rigging up my Patomac again. So I was looking for some basic instructions and pics. Are there any?

Here's what I did.

I ran the HH side tie outs thru the loops. Then I looped the long shock cord over the ridge line on each end and clipped the micro biner to the opposite corner loop. On the head end I looped it through the Hennessey clip used to attach the stock tarp. (similar geometry to the UQ Triangle Thingies)
On the foot end I tried this but it was too tight to get into the bottom entry so I sipy had it over the ridgeline. The channel shock cords were tight as it was cool, 50 degrees.

My torso was fine. Where I have problems is at the footend, particularly where my feet were in the side pocket created by the foot end tie out. So I was wondering if (a) I'm doing something wrong to begin with with my attachment or (b) if there's a trick for the adjusting the foot end attachment?

Actually, there's a (c) question too. It occured to me that it might be more effective if there were a way to attach each corner directly to the hammock edge where the bug netting meets the fabric. And perhaps another connection point midway between the tie out loop and corner on the long edges. For example, what if small loops were sewn into the edge of the HH at these points (perhaps when getting a zipper mod?) And then have toggles sewn in at matching points on the quilt.