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    Thanks for the welcomes.

    Gunner, I guess I should change the title to Ignorant new guy. I agree that stupid people won't learn, while ignorant people just haven't had the opportunity to learn yet. Hopefully, I can progress to being useful.

    Lots more to read and learn here.

    I appreciate the tutorials. They are really helpful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Law Dawg View Post
    Wheew, welcome...I thought I was alone!
    Getting a bit above yourself L.D.--I OWN stupid (or at least got patent pending) . For me, newness has nothing to do with it.

    Welcome to the forum! All discussion of stupidity and ignorance aside, there are a lot of great and informed people here. Keep reading and asking questions, and you'll be brilliant (just like the rest of the members).
    You're gonna need a bigger hammock

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