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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your kind words. I had a great trip and really enjoyed bring it back to you in this log. Next time though, I should probably proof read it and do a spell check before hitting submit!!

    I don't believe the canoe was red, but it was a solo canoe. It sure does sounds like him. How many 50 year old solo paddlers from Buffalo could there be?

    As far as Shawnh's canoe; yes, I do believe it was a 17 ' Souris River. They did comment on how stable it was, and I can tell you, they always seemed to be passing Vgnbkr and myself on the water. Very nice lines, and if you're into lake traveling, then it's probably a solid bet. I really like the visible weave of the Kevlar and at 43 lbs it's sweet. Those clean lines make twisting down a creek a little more challenging, but that's the trade off you have to make. Incidentally, Lipstick comes in at 45 lbs, and twists and turns like a belly dancer barefoot in the snow.

    Yeah my ugly DIY cousin of Shawh's Bushbuddy worked like a charm. Hungry little blighter though, since the main burn chamber is maybe half an inch narrower the BB, it doesn't hold as much wood. I can see that it takes some getting used to. I experimented using some bigger pieces of wood cut into small thumb sized pieces, maybe 3/4" by 2" - 3". Not bad. Got a good base of coals, but pencil-sized twigs still seemed to keep the flame nice and bright. I feel I need an alternate heat source when I want a quick "breakie". I brought my MSR Whisperlight as backup, but maybe one of the half dozen pressurized pop can alcohol stoves I've made would do the trick. I just like the roar of the Whisperlight and the comfort knowing that I could boil up a full bath of water in the time it take an alcohol stove to heat up a cup of coffee (you know, give or take a reasonable margin of error).

    As far as my rig goes, thankee much. Having made everything except the Hennessy, although I did do a DIM mod 4 zipper on it, I'm quite happy with it. You might remember we emailed back and forth a bit on tarps last winter. Well that's the result. It's a little big, but I've got a versatile system that'll keep me high and dry. I've also got a pair of DIY Griz-Beaks made out of some old pumpkin orange ripstop I had kicking about. They're so bright they hurt my feelings, but they make my BlackCat look like it'd be at home at a Cincinnati Bengals' tailgate party. I like the black though, and have enough Silnylon left over from the tarp to do a proper job on a pair of black beaks. I'm going to get some of the super reflective ribbon that Vgnbkr had on his PDF. Holy-moly!! When hit by a flashlight, it literally glowed like it was battery-powered. Dangle a strip or two as removable dripstrings so I can find my rig in the dark and then take them off if I need to. But, with all those guy lines sticking out, it's probably a good idea to let my fellow campers know where I am. Hammockers seem to know how to step carefully.

    Oh yeah and keep those videos coming. They're great fun to watch and I usually even learn a thing or two. One thing I definitely remembered was NOT to power up with a can of smoked oysters BEFORE trying the Devil's Staircase!!!! Yup. That would'a been bad!!

    Yeah, even though I know we all had a great time, it would've been nice to have more of the BonEchoer's up there. There's always next time!!! Just make sure you and sk8r get out soon, before the colours fade and the leaves come down.

    Yeah. What can I say? Vgnbkr's pack was one third the weight of mine. One Third!!! I guess common sense doesn't weight much! It didn't help that I brought fishing gear. That always adds up. But hey, that's canoeing. All told, it wasn't too bad. And "No", I PM'd our missing Windsorite, but have received no answer as yet. Hope he's okay.
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