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    Hennessy Hammock's Odds and Ends Sale

    Just an FYI.

    Hennessy is having their annual Odds and Ends sale starting today. This is a great way to get some hammocks for a good price. Most of the item are demos and should be in good condition. Just email them and ask for the Odds and Ends price list.

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    Snakeskins are available at half price ($9.95) with all clearance sale hammock orders. Suggested retail price - $19.95 No rainfly substitutions available.

    SHIPPING – Regular UPS or Priority Mail only are available with clearance sale items – cost in North America is $10. 2 day, 3 day and Overnight UPS are not available. For overseas destinations, we will have to get an estimate after you tell us what item or items you would like.

    NOTICE – the inventory on this list is only accurate at the time it is received because some items will sell quickly. The only way to know for sure if the hammock you are interested in is still available is to phone and check with James or Ann.

    LIMITED TIME OFFERS = While quantities last, a netless hammock is available for $25 with each hammock ordered(rainfly, straps and stuffsack included).



    Odds and Ends Sale - Demos, Factory 2nds, Prototypes, Mix and Match

    All items carry our 1 year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship (

    October 2010 Odds n Ends List

    Hyperlight - Lighter weight version of the Ultralight Backpacker Asym - great new 20 Dnylon body fabric with extra-strong ripstop reinforcement Suggested Retail Price - $229.
    HLC 01 $159 Demo
    HLC03 $159 Demo
    HLC04 $159 Demo
    HLC05 $159 Demo

    Scout - update of our "Original" hammock - with larger rainfly and new dimensions for more comfortable sleeping position - a diamond shaped hammock that is great for young adventurers, Scouts and Guides. Suggested Retail Price - $99
    SC01 $69 Demo
    SC02 $69 Demo
    SC03 $49 Demo, some rope wear
    SC04 $39 Demo, no mesh
    SC05 $59 Demo, fabric irregularity
    SC06 $69 Demo
    SC07 $69 Demo
    SC08 $69 Demo
    SC09 $79 New w/ hex fly
    SC10 $79 New w/ hex fly

    The Expedition Asym is our most popular model – all the great features, durability and a great price! Suggested retail price - $139
    EXC01 $89 Demo
    EXC02 $89 Demo
    EXC03 $89 Demo
    EXC04 $89 Demo
    EXC05 $79 Demo, 2 cosmetic rope sheath weave flaw
    EXC06 $79 Demo, sewing repair to side of hammock body
    EXC07 $89 Demo
    EXC08 $89 Demo
    EXC09 $69 Demo, 2 patches, 1" x 1" and 2" x 2" on hammock body
    EXC10 $89 Demo
    EXC11 $59 Demo, no net, silnylon rainfly
    EXC12 $89 Demo
    EXC13 $69 Demo, cosmetic rope flaws w/ snakeskins
    EXC14 $89 Demo
    EXC53 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 54 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 55 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 56 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 57 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 58 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 59 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 60 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 61 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 62 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 63 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 64 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 65 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 66 $49 Demo,no net
    EXC 67 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 68 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 69 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 70 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 71 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 72 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 73 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 74 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 75 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 76 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 77 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 78 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 79 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 80 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 81 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 82 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 83 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 84 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 85 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 86 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 87 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 88 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 89 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 90 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 91 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 92 $99 yellowhammock /blue trim, red fly, yellow trim
    EXC 93 $49 Demo,no net
    EXC 94 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 95 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 96 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 97 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 98 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 99 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 100 $49 Demo,no net
    EXC 101 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 102 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 103 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 104 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 105 $49 Demo, no net
    EXC 106 $49 Demo, no net

    Expedition Asym Zip – next generation side-entry hammock with heavy duty double black slider zipper, same material and features as classic Expedition Asym. Suggested retail price - $139
    EXZ01 $79 Demo, 2 x 2” mesh repair
    EXZ02 $89 Demo
    EZX03 $69 Sample - early prototype
    EXZ04 $89 Demo
    EXZ05 $89 Demo
    EXZ07 $89 Demo
    EXZ08 $69 Demo, dyneema ridgeline, tape residue on mesh
    EXZ09 $89 Demo

    Desert Rat - combines the ultralight body fabric of the Backpacker with the durable rainfly of the Expedition -with a cool desert tan color. Suggested retail price - $219
    DRC01 $129 Demo
    DRC02 $129 Demo
    DRC03 $129 Demo

    Ultralight Backpacker A-sym - Lighter weight version of the Expedition Asym - great for thru-hikers or anyone who wants a lighter pack and weighs under 200 lbs. and is under 6 ft. tall. Suggested retail price - $189
    BPC01 $99 3"x 3" L-shaped repair to mesh
    BPC02 $119 Demo
    BPC03 $119 Demo
    BPC04 $119 Demo w/ 1600 lb. test ropes
    BPC05 $119 Demo
    BPC06 $119 Demo
    BPC07 $119 Demo
    BPC08 $119 Demo
    BPC09 $99 Fly slightly sticky
    BPC10 $139 New - Backpacker Tropical
    BPC11 $129 Demo w/ snakeskins
    BPC12 $119 Demo
    BPC13 $119 Demo
    BPC14 $89 Demo, No mesh
    BPC15 $119 Demo
    BPC16 $119 Demo
    BPC17 $119 Demo
    BPC18 $119 Demo
    BPC19 $119 Demo
    BPC20 $119 Demo
    BPC23 $119 Demo

    Ultralight Backpacker Zip - – next generation side-entry hammock with heavy duty double black slider zipper, same material and features as classic Backpacker. Suggested retail price - $189
    BPZ01 $119 Demo
    BPZ02 $119 Demo
    BPZ03 $99 3" black patch on hammock body, small hole in bag

    Explorer Ultralight – a longer version of the Ultralight Backpacker for people over 6’ tall and up to 250 lbs. Suggested retail price $219
    EXULC01 $129 Demo, patch on hammock body, shows wear
    EXULC02 $149 Demo, 1600 # test ropes
    EXULCO3 $139 Demo, entrance repair
    EXULC04 $129 Demo, no seam sealing on fly, seam sealer included
    EXULC05 $149 Demo
    EXULC06 $149 Demo
    EXULC07 $129 Demo, no seam sealing on fly, seam sealer included
    EXULC08 $139 Demo, 6" x 6" repair to mesh
    EXULC09 $149 Demo
    EXULC10 $149 Demo
    EXULC11 $139 Demo, fly slightly sticky
    EXULC12 $149 Demo
    EXULC13 $149 New, tropical mesh
    EXULC14 $149 New, tropical mesh
    EXULC15 $139 Demo
    EXULC16 $129 Demo, 2 small repairs to mesh, light wear on ropes
    EXULC17 $149 Demo
    EXULC18 $149 Demo

    Explorer Ultralight Zip – next generation side-entry hammock with heavy duty double black slider zipper, same material and features as classic Explorer Ultralight. Suggested retail price $219
    EXULZ01 $149 Demo
    EXULZ02 $149 Demo
    EXULZ03 $149 Demo
    EXULZ04 $149 Demo

    Survivor - Woodland Camo military model with ultralight body and heavy duty rainfly, for people over 6' and up to 300 lbs. Suggested retail price $299
    WSC01 $199 Demo
    WSC02 $149 Second, repaired side seam
    WSC03 $199 Demo

    Survivor – Universal Digital military model with ultralight body and heavy duty rainfly, for people over 6' and up to 300 lbs. Suggested retail price $299
    DSC01 $99 Demo, 4 small glue repair spots on fly,corner repair on fly, bungee repair and snall repair on hammock body
    DSC02 $99 Demo, pu glue repairs on fly and small rust stains, sewing repair to entrance
    DSC03 $149 Demo, small binding flaw

    Evader - Woodland Camo military model with ultralight body and heavy duty rainfly, for people under 6' and up to 250 lbs. Suggested retail price $269
    EVC01 $169 Demo, one piece hex fly
    EVC02 $159 Demo, circular 4" patch on hammock body

    Explorer Deluxe - coyote brown heavy duty hammock for people over 6 ft and up to 300 lbs. - still weighs only 3 lbs. 4 oz! Suggested retail price $199
    EXDLC01 $139 Demo, Silnylon fly
    EXDLC03 $109 Demo, repaired seam, small repair to mesh
    EXDLC04 $109 Demo, sewing and glue repairs on mesh, 2 body patches
    EXDLC05 $119 Demo, entrance repair
    EXDLC06 $129 Demo
    EXDLC07 $129 Demo
    EXDLC08 $109 Demo, velcro resewn and a little frayed
    EXDLC10 $109 Demo, velcro flaw,some fraying
    EXDLC11 $59 Demo, no mesh
    EXDLC12 $59 Demo, no mesh
    EXDLC13 $59 Demo, no mesh

    Safari Deluxe – our king-sized model suitable for people or cozy couples up to 350 lbs. Features a double-sized “hex fly”. Suggested retail price $229
    SAFDC01 $149 Demo, small 1/2" spot of glue on body, brown hex fly
    SAFDC02 $159 Demo
    SAFDC03 $159 Demo
    SAFDC04 $159 Demo
    SAFDC05 $149 Demo, 40 D mesh, brown fly
    SAFDC06 $159 Demo
    SAFDC07 $159 Demo, dyneema ridgeline
    SAFDC08 $159 Demo, 40 D mesh

    Safari Deluxe Zip - next generation side-entry hammock with heavy duty double black slider zipper, same material and features as classic Safari Deluxe. Suggested retail price $229
    SAFDZ01 $159 Demo, brown fly

    Deep Jungle – newest hammock model features size zip and double bottom pad sleeve/ mosquito protection (Complimentary reflective pad may be shipped separately. For people up to 6’ tall, 250 lbs. Suggested retail price $269
    DJ01 $169 Demo
    DJ02 $169 Demo
    DJ03 $169 Demo
    DJ04 $169 Demo
    DJ06 $169 Demo
    DJ07 $149 Demo, 4" sewing and glue repair to mesh
    DJ08 $169 Demo
    DJ09 $169 Demo

    Deep Jungle XL – super-size version of the Deep Jungle for people up to 7 ft and 300 lbs. Suggested retail price $299
    DJXL01 $199 Demo
    DJXL02 $199 Demo
    DJXL03 $199 Demo

    Poly Hex Fly – sturdy PU coated polyester double sized (10’ x 12”)hexagonal rainfly with 2 side tie-outs on each side. Suggested retail price $59
    PHX01 $39 Demo
    PHX02 $39 Demo
    PHX03 $39 Demo
    PHX04 $39 Demo
    PHX05 $39 Demo
    PHX06 $39 Demo
    PHX08 $39 Demo

    Miscellaneous rain flies
    MF02 $29 Sample silnylon rectangular fly, 65” x 96”
    MF03 $39 Catenary cut explorer ultralight comes with seam sealer
    MF04 $29 Sample backpacker fly 60” x 100” rectangle
    MF05 $29 Second – Woodland Camo Asym Evader fly , fabric irregularities
    MF06 $39 Demo, Catenary cut Survivor Woodland fly with string pockets on corners
    MF07 $39 Demo, Survivor Woodland Rainfly
    MF10 $39 Demo, Cat Cape , slightly sticky silicone nylon
    MF11 $39 Silicone hex fly, sewingrepairs to corners
    MF12 $49 Demo, Cat Cape, Backpacker size
    MF13 $49 Demo, Cat Cape, Bckpacker Size
    MF14 $49 Prototype Cat Cape, Webbing Corners
    MF15 $49 Demo, Cat Cape
    MF16 $59 Demo, Cat Cape for Explorer
    MF17 $49 New Royal blue Silicone Fly, 18" x 65", 147" along ridgeline

    Overcover # 1 – uncoated silnylon cover which fits over mosquito net for extra warmth in cold, dry conditions – for Expedition, Evader, Backpacker, Hyperlight and Deep Jungle. Suggested retail price $34.95
    OC1O1 17 Second,Version 2

    Overcover # 2 - uncoated silnylon cover which fits over mosquito net for extra warmth in cold, dry conditions – for Explorer Ultralight, Explorer Deluxe, Deep Jungle XL and Survivors. Suggested retail price $39.95
    OC202 17 Second. Version #1
    OC203 19 Second, Version # 2
    OC204 19 Second, Version # 2
    OC205 17 Second, Version # 1
    OC206 19 Second, Version # 2
    OC207 19 Second, Version # 2

    Hennessy Hammock
    637 Southwind Road
    Galiano Island, BC V0N 1P0
    1 888 539 2930 - 250 539 2930
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    DIY is addicting and fulfilling!
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    Wow they have deep jungles and tarps.
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    Time to trun in the aluminum cans. I just put in my request for the items I want. Fantastic prices!

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    Tried for a silnylon hex fly (MF11) but alas it was sold already.
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