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    Extreem Cold Weather Hammocking

    The range that I am thinking of is 0C/32F to -40C/F

    I lived in a wood floor tent for 2 years in temps as low as -40C/F . . .

    . . . so now 25 years later, I am thinking of some short camps out in the winter.

    One of the concerns that I have read here is condensation inside an enclosed hammock.
    So If the upper enclosed part was insulated
    the ambient temp inside would be higher,
    and then there maybe less condensation.

    This is what I am thinking:
    1. If I was to DIY an enclosed hammock
    2. and build the upper area using the CLIMASHIELD HL at 1.5 inch of loft
    3. make the hammock with a built in UQ with 4 - 6 inch of loft
    . . . .(the top/inner layer of the Q being the bed of the hammock)
    4. Make it a single side entry hammock with a built in TQ
    . . . .3-5 inch of loft
    . . . .sewn in place along the back side,
    . . . .along the foot area and part way up the zipper side.

    This would be a one season hammock . . .

    . . . I kinda like the idea . . .

    . . . what do you think . . . ? ? ?
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    Or just get a Molly Mac Gear IX Hammock Sock with an insulated top. You could use any hammock and any UQ to reach your low temp goals.
    - MacEntyre
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    The insulation idea to combat condensation may appear to work, but the condensation will still occur, except it will be inside the insulation. IMO, it is much easier to shake off condensation from the bottom side of a tarp or from the bugnet than from inside insulation.

    I have not gone as low as some here, but I have used my hammock into the negative teens Fahrenheit. My low was even without the neato gear I currently use. I had an equinox 8x10 tarp, claytor moskito hammock, a bunch of ccf pads, my poncho as a garlington taco with two garbage bags with a bit of air. I used my NF Solar Flare sleeping bag. I was plenty warm. I still think the garlington taco is the most under appreciated cold weather lightweight/multiuse solution that exists.

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