Clark you store your Clark using the attached pocket pack or some other method?

I have been experimenting a bit.

The attached fold up pouch works OK...but 1.)a bit difficult to get the rainfly in along with the hammock ....2.) not easy to get the hammock out and hanging without exposing a lot of the hammock to get to the suspension.
You can get around this my making sure when you pack to leave the ropes out and near the opening. 3.)It requires some work to get the bag to compress enought to allow the velcro flap to attach and lastly 4.) the shape of the folded pack is a square-ish rectangle which to me is not as easy to pack as a cylindrical stuff sack.

So I tried making a bishops bag using the water-resistant stuff sack from the Sportsmans Guide tarp with the foot end rope coming out of a burned hole at the bottom of the bag. The hammock seems to come down and go up much easier and the shape of the stuff sack allows me to strap it to the bottom of my backpack.

I tried the snakeskins from my HH asym exped but they are just not big enough to accomodate the Clark.