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    Sew on zipper to double layer

    I started a post like this in the fabric section but it moved away from fabric so i decided to post it again here.

    I am planning on ordering 3 yrds of no-see-um netting and 5 yards of probably number 8 coil zipper from quest. to complete what I am hoping will be similar to the explorer deluxe asym but be a double layer hammock with a zipper setup like the Mod 2 for the HH.

    My question is should I sew the two layers of hammock together to make a net-less hammock first. Then add the netting and such after. I think this would be the only way i could do it unless i sewed the one long side of the net in the hem and the zippers into the hem as well then do the gathering at the ends and finish it off. The problem I see with this method would be gathering the ends while the netting is attached.

    Any suggestions of plan to attach the netting and zipper. How would I finish the hem on the section left open for the CC foam pad?

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    I recently sewed zippered Noseeum into three hammocks, one of which was a double-layer.

    I'd strongly recommend sewing the two layers first, then add the netting. Attachment is even easier if you allocate only one or two openings to slip in a pad. Sew the netting only to the inside layer along the slit opening. On either edge of the slit I sewed a couple little strips of Omni tape (velcro) to hold the opening shut in case the netting pulls against its attached piece.

    Use triangles or trapezoids of hammock fabric or similar for the last 12 inches on either end of the netting. These fabric pieces will take the force of the suspension lashing better than Noseeum netting.

    I found cutting the netting into a rounded hexagon was *much* easier than trying to calculate and cut a perfectly arched net to match the edges of the hammock. The math is so much easier.

    One more tip: when adding the zipper to the one side, use extra hem allowance on the zipper edge so that the net (vs. gross) perimeter length is the same as the non-zipper side, accounting for the necessary hem on that side. Otherwise you'll have a quite lop-sided termination of netting on either end of the hammock.

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