Despite the fact that there are few fatalities it only takes one. And here's something to think my area there has actuall been a case where someone shot another hunter who was in a treestand and said he thought it was a deer..."are you freekin kiddin me"...also about six years ago I went hunting and despite the fact of the blaze orange requirement I always wear it in and then hang it on the tree limb above where I set up...when I left and went to put my blaze orange back on I didn't exactly get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I put my blaze orange hat back on as it had a freeking bullet hole in one side out the other...are you freaking kiddin me...good thing I wasn't wearing the hat...There are some real freakin idiots in the woods during deer season....and I am an avid sportsman and outdoorsman. I don't know if the blaze orange tarp would help or just give a freaking idiot something to shoot at...Don't mean to rant but you would think they would make you take an aptitude test before letting someone in the woods with a gun....stand at the gunshop...I'm sorry sir you can't have a gun but here's your sign.