Hi All

Going to pull the trigger on a 3 season crowsnest soon.
Our $$ is to good right now to pass the opportunity up.

Cannot decide between the standard 800 fill and the 900 fill option.

Honestly if the 800 fill will get me down to -7 C that would probably be overkill for me. I'm in Australia and it just isn't as cold here. Your 3 season quilt will do me for a winter one.


If the 900 fill is worth the extra cost and will loft a bit more it might be worth it. Not sure.

Does the 900 fill UQ pack as small as the 800 fill one ?? or does it add a bit of size.

Realistically the coldest I'll hang in will be about -3 C.

I'll be just using this UQ for colder weather when my summer UQ is not enough.

Help needed as I just cannot decide