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    Should I get this (HH)?

    I am deciding between getting the HH ULBA-sym with the hex tarp and shirt, or a lounder Expedition A-sym. The lounger is about a lb heaver, but doesnt have the bugnet. The ULB has the hex tarp but sewn bugnet.

    If I got the hex tarp, I would see how much I like it, and maybe sell it (Im weird, i lke the size of the stock tarp).

    the ULB would be $179 with hex tarp and shirt, the Expedition is $49 with
    stock tarp.

    One big factor is how well the sewn bugnet would be. Many people love their HH, so it must be aceptable, right? I am not claustraphobic at all, so that shouldnt be a problem.

    This hammock would be for hiking and backpacking (no thru hike in the near future), so it would mostly be for smaller trips. Would the extra lb be worth it? should I go for the heavier hammock because it has no bugnet?


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    Buy 'em both, keep the ULBA, shirt and stock fly from the Eped. Bundle the Exped and the Hex fly and sell them on Ebay or right here

    I love my Exped (with attached net), it is pretty bomb proof. I also like the attached net on the HHs. buuuuut, the ULBA is a really nice hammock as well, yea, def buy 'em both.

    Sorry I'm not much help
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    yea, thanks i wanted to get only one, but now its hard. I could only get the tarp and shirt through a new order, so not the lounger. I want the silnylon stock ULBA too. If I can get both tarps, I should be fine.


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