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Fun to watch. Who else but but Shug could find a drive thru eatery on the trail

My wife and I are leaving in an hour for a week of hammock camping, some hiking ect. Don't think we will see any wolves where we will be in the NC moutains but we might see some wild chip monsters (chipmunks)
Sounds like a terrific time .... wish sometimes Meg still like camping.

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More fine work. Always enjoy watching. Really liked the underwater shots. Thanx for sharing.
Expect to see more underwater ... Oh, I will wear that out!

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Well it's going to have to wait till I get to Hong Kong to watch this episode ... but from reading the comments ... sounds like another gud'en Shug!

All's clear in sector Wu!
Thankee for the briefing from sector Wu .... hoo.

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Ahhh... so we finally got a close up of the elusive Meg
That is something that you have wolfs living there to hear & occasionally even see!
Which camera/video were you using? I have the Olympus Stylus 720SW, similar to one of your cameras, but I'm chicken to test it's "waterproof" capabilities
I gotta show Meg from time to time. Folks ...especially on YouTube think I am mad. I don't think people realize that I am doing an "on camera" personality ... just a heightened version of me. I for one must be entertained. Meg adds to it!
I never trusted the waterproof thing but it works!!! Mine is a Olympus Stylus 850SW.

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Shug - TV: The only reality tv I care to watch. Thanks for another great video!!
Thanks ... I love doing trip reports more than reviews!

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Another awesome vid. Thanks a bunch Shug.
You betcha....

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Great video, watching your videos is a great substitute for when there is not enough time to make it to the woods.
Seeing that wolf must have been incredible , spotting such a cagey critter must make you feel like you are really part of the woods.
That is awesome that you left the "trail magic" for that hiker> This forum really sets a great example of how people should treat each other.
I am hoping folks feel like they are on the trip with me ...... feels like it to me. You were there across the fire from me. I saw you!

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Yeah .... shaky shots ..... never on camera .... no edits ...... mumbling ....... monotone ...... boring ..... morose.
Should be good.