MY Warbonnet Blackbird 1.0 double layer arrived in the mail today So naturally as soon as I got home I had to see if I had some trees wide enough apart to set it up. I did but they are butted up against the fence that separates me and my neighbor, any ways no worries. I think I will rig up something to hang form in my garage and also an out side rig as well.

However I can see why so many use dutch clips or beaners, but it wasn't too bad to run the webbing through the loop and then attach the "new and improved" cinch buckles (according to WB they do not need the knot behind them because they have a stronger bite) But I think just for the ease of things and not having to try and hold the hammock in one hand off the ground while trying to thread the webbing, some dutch clips will be in order.

I am going to set it up again tomorrow afternoon and take a nap in it . But I can tell you for the 20 minutes or so I was in it, I was almost asleep, until my dog decided a bird was needing to be scolded It was super comfy and I really like the foot box. I laid in all types of positions (side, back, other side etc) just to see how it feels and they were all great. I pitched it low enough to where I could reach over and make a cup of tea....tomorrows project as well. I will try it out with my GG pad and my WM highlite and see how it goes.

So now the nitty gritty.

Total weight including stuff sack and webbing is :1.11 3/4 lb...27.795 oz...788 grams.

Also could you guys tell me what you think about the pitch. Good strap angles, too high , too low, stake out, ground height, one end needing to be higher/lower then the other, ridge line, etc, etc. Anything to improve upon/grow from.
To me it felt like I should have brought my foot strap down a bit (it was at about 7ft) or some how lessened the angle so my legs were a wee bit more flatter.

Well I will post some more when I take a nap in it and get some more data. Now all I need is my McCat tarp which should be here next week. Ok I know I need more then that but ya know what I mean

Now for some pics...sorry for the crappy pixels but my camera has been having problems lately.

webbing angle

non staked out pitch