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    Looks great

    I am in your same boat at 265#. I just bought some Joann ripstop and was a little worried that it would not hold my weight. I will have to get on making my hammock. What did you use as the toggle? Looks like a bolt with some washers. Once again great starter hammock.

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    That's funny, I too have a diy and an eno, and prefer the diy. If only I'd made one first, I could have saved a good chunk of change.

    Oh well, hindsight and all that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millarky View Post
    Inspiring for sure! I need a net-less hammock, straight seams be damned. What's the weight of that toggle bolt ?
    That's a 3/8 x 2 bolt with fender washers, and a nut! I didn't want the toggle to break! Later I rehung it with soft shackles from the tree huggers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Knighthorse View Post
    Straight stitches are for factory made production line gear. I've made quite a few things now, and I don't think any seam is "straight" for more than a foot or two. And I use a treadle operated machine made in 1901. As long as the stitches hold, you're good. If someone is picky enough to complain they have other issues.
    I know what you mean, I have them straight for a bit, then they go off in a slight angle for a bit, and then back again, and then...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shug View Post
    Looking fantastic ..... thumbs up from the son!!!
    A right goodie.....
    He's just afraid to tell me otherwise Shug! JK, he likes it, so does my daughter, I'll have to make at least two more now! "We learned it from watching you Dad!" (Quote from one of my favorite PSA's)

    Quote Originally Posted by MarshLaw303 View Post
    I am a big guy too, 300# and i find that to get a good flat lay i end up like you at a pretty hard diagonal with my feet hanging over the edge or pushing against my bug net. When my friends who are normal sized lay in it they tend to lay on much less diagonal to be comfortable. I assume this is due to materials stretching but does anyone else have suggestions on why this is and what to do about it. I want my feet inside and not pressed to the edge. I assume a double layer of the 1.7 would stretch a lot less than the single but i have a double 1.5 and still find myself angled way off compared to others and pics i've seen on here. my experience is in a 10'x5' with bug net.

    In my ENO DN, I have no problem laying diagonally. My feet never hang out, and I'm 6'4". My feet were out in these pics because I had my shoes on, I didn't want to put a ton of dirt in my new hammock.

    Thanks everybody. I am off to the store today to get some ripstop to make myself a tarp. pics will posted, um, soonish I hope!
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