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    Quote Originally Posted by arizonared View Post
    So it has got me wondering if the person who cut the material for me didn't do a very good job of making sure it was squared off.
    IMO that's not likely to make any difference over 10.5'. It would have to be way off such that you would notice. If you purchased it from a usual source it was cut folded so you would see a decided dip or point in the center. You would have seen that I have no doubt.

    How many hammocks have you used? I ask because a diagonal lie stresses the fabric in diagonal ways. This means the weave is not stretched the way it was woven. So it is not uncommon to get some floppy edges.

    Hang the foot slightly higher than the head. Get in and push the sides out with your feet and your shoulders. That's what works for me.
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    I have only used about 3 hammocks. 2 I made myself and 1 I have bought. I will try hanging it as you mentioned.

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