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One thing to remember is:
Repeated eating before bed, over time/years
will develop into an acid reflux issue. . . .

and that could in turn develop into bronchial pneumonia if not realized.

Check it out for sure . . .
I sometimes have heart burn issues (it's not acid reflux, and I am not in denial), especially when camping. What I have discovered about me is that 3 things contribute to this. 1) the time I eat, relative to going to bed. If I have a very late dinner or late snack, this can be a problem. 2) the quantity I eat. If I have a large meal I am more susceptible to heart burn as I sleep. 3) The biggest star of this, however is what I eat. Heavy, rich foods are the death of me. I love my mom's homemade pies (especially cherry!). For the longest time, I thought it was the acid in the cherries, but have more recently concluded that it is the Crisco she uses in the crust. Heavy foods like this, especially in if I have an extra piece, late, can only be the death of me.

My worst camping/heartburn experience was 4 years ago when someone made "walking tacos." That is a heavy taco meat with appropriate seasonings (not hot, btw) served in a bag of Fritos with cheese and sour cream. I slept in my sleeping bag while sitting up, leaned slightly forward (somehow I had forgotten my antacid and a/c!). Aside from one near hypothermic experience, it was the most miserable night camping I have ever experenced.

My point is that now, this never happens to me, because I am careful about what I have to eat/drink before bed. I generally only drink water (all day every day, after my requisite 2 cups of morning coffee). No more sodas or tea, which I used to down all day long. I also limit my rich sweets late.

I want to hear more here, as it is informative to see how eating and drinking relate to warmth.