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And just being curious to where you got your woopies from and what kinda tree strap webbing came with them?
I got my whoopies from The first set was the all-in-one, but I wanted more adjustability of the tree huggers. I now got the all-in-one without the webbing and attached the Warbonnet webbing to it, together with a tri-glide.

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You could just loop the webbing through the amsteel but the friction over time could cause problems down the road. Just check for wear frequently.

I tried triglides on one of my hammocks. I had a loop of amsteel around the gathered end of the hammock. I then put a small climbing biner on it which I then put the webbing through and secured with a triglide. I used a biner instead of a ring so I could easily connect and disconnect the webbing.
I have been thinking about this, too. But this would mean 4 biners on the suspension. Looks like overkill. Maybe I can think of something else.