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If you think a true quilt is sewed up in several direction's and or shapes. When my grandmother made a quilt it was not sewed staight across or down it was sewed in so many direction's that the down at that time had no where to go but stay in it's own little pocket. When they came out with quilt batting it allowed women to make long runs for side to side or from top to bottom and over time that batting would end up somewhere other than were you want it.

If you have a chance to look at an old quilt and beleive me I have had my chance because every year in Paducah Ky they have the world quilt convention 100's of thousand little blue hair lady's and even younger lady's show up for a week long quilt show. but any how if you look at the older style quilts you will see that they have batting or down sewn in so many direction that it creates a little pocket's all over the quilt and you will never see those move.

All true, but these are classed as "sewn-thru" quilts and not Baffled, which my understanding was that the baffle 'boxes' keep the down lofted away from the needle holes on the surfaces and less warmth gets out along the stitching lines.
just my .02 lira, Betsy