My first hang last night! I borrowed an HH Ex with side zip from a buddy. I'm tired! Not from the hang, but from all of the acorns dropping all night long. It took me a bit to get to sleep, probably from trying something new.

My body feels soooo much better from not being on the ground as I would in a tent. I had my normal tent pillow and it seemed too thick for how I was laying so just laid my head on my fleece jacket. My pad (inside) was a 20 year-old TR.

I'm now seriously looking at the WBBB because of the research and videos available here. In fact I've seen so many videos that my wife doesn't want to hear about hammocks. Although she thought shug was pretty cool once she saw the cat "making bisquits".

Any thoughts on how the WBBB experience will be compared to last night's HP hang?