Ok, So im looking for some guidance or just opinions of others. Currently I have a BWWD Weighing in at 22-23 oz. Im looking to lighten up so Im going to order the Mc Cat Delux weighing in at 10.2 oz almost half the weight. I am struggling with deciding two things,

1st. Do I get side pull outs on both sides. I know they are great to have and really open up the tarp but they also cause weight gain. I really like them on my BWWD but do I need them on a Delux. Can I get a nice taught pitch with out them in order to save some weight. Or is the weight insignificant when comparing it to the advantage you gain by being able to make the tarp bigger by pulling it out and having other set up problems.

2ndly. Do I get sewn on Doors or Grizz Beaks. The Grizz Beaks (a pair of them) weigh in at 12 oz's and the Sewn Dorrs (on both sides) weight in at 6.70 oz's. Now I know that the doors weigh less but I also like the option of leaving the Grizz Beak's at home. I also already have a winter tarp with sewn doors, the purpose of the Mc Cat would be for 3 season while I use the BWWD in winter. I am very torn between the two seeing many positives and negatives about both. HF help guide me in makeing this decision but ultimatly I know it how I want to hike my hike. Reguardless I am excited to get my first OES Sil tarp.