So, after I sorted out my issues with getting comfortable in the WBBB, I spotted a used 1.7 DL in the For Sale section...that I quickly snapped up for my fiance to use. She bought me the one I have now as an early birthday present, since she knows I want to go camping more, and I prefer cool/cold weather camping to summer (or car) camping.

We just received the used WBBB DL last week, and got a chance to set it up last night before it got dark. We only have one pair of trees in the yard that's remotely close enough to hang from, so I let her use *my* hanging spot to learn how to setup her WBBB; as it had a whoopie/toggle setup vs my webbing setup. After watching Shug's videos, we had her up in the trees in no time!

After she played around with the hammock a bit, I broke out the tape measure to see where we could put a 6"X6" post so we could have more than one hang point in the side yard. I realized the distance between my big tree and the deck was about 13'. A tight fit, but she's smaller than I am, a back sleeper, and she likes a bit more of a loose hang than I do (we figured all this out playing around with the whoopie slings). So I let have at it, stringing up between the big tree and the deck. It took her a little adjustment, but she got it just the way she liked it (and almost wouldn't come out of the hammock to help put the dogs away!).

I followed suit by stringing up between the trees that are 25' apart, and we both spent the night outside last night. She used her Cabela's sleeping bag and self inflating pad, and I used my JRB UQ and Dempsey TQ. It got down to about 45 degrees last night, and we were both quite comfy!

Unfortunately no photos as it was forcasted to rain this morning, so we both packed up our gear in record time and got on our way to work.

I'll get some photos of our his and her's WBBB setup later this week.