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    Need advice to install my whoopies

    Well my Whoopie slings ought to be arriving from Arrowhead Equipment any day now. I have a question about how to rig my new Whoopies. I also ordered two continuous loops and I have a pair of Dutch clips and a pair of Dutch biners. Here is my plan, let me know if I'm all hung up in the wrong tree. BTW, I have a Blackbird.

    In general, I want to have my whoopies permanently attached to my tree straps and be able to conveniently attach them to the hammock. That way, I can store my suspension separately from the hammock.

    I plan to larks head the continuous loops onto the gathered ends of the hammock, where they will stay permanently.

    I will permanently sew the end loop in my tree straps to the whoopie slings. My tree straps have a loop at each end and I'll use my Dutch clips to attach them to the tree.

    Then, for my quick connect plan, I'll use the Dutch biners to connect the other end of the whoppies to the continuous loops, that I permanently attached to the hammock. I'm hoping that the Dutch biners will also serve as drip rings.

    BTW, I cut down those 14' long straps to two 5' straps. Keeping in mind that this is my first foray past the stock straps suspension on my Blackbird, is there a problem with my plan?
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