So I've used about 15' of webbing on each end of my hammock since the beginning and hadn't worried about it too much. After a trip with a buddy of mine with his HH I decided that it'd be nice to to have spectra coming off of one side to extend my range so I started searching on here last night and I was about to stab myself in the eyes when I found that someone uses 7/64 spectra with about a 1200 lb limit on it... does that sound about right to anybody? I've got some 2.8 mm with a 1200 limit so it would be great.
I was also comparing my smc descending rings($2.50) to the hardware store 1" rings($.39)and on my lousy scale they came out the same, so beside the obvious load limit difference is there any reason not to use the smaller ones? Better way to put it would be does anyone use hardware store rings?
I think that's about it, any imput is appreciated