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    Poormans Nacrabiner? well maybe not poor..... Kalibiner??

    I dont know if this is already out there or anything but i was playing around tonight with some recently discarded grandtrunk suspension/ultimate truck bed tiedown rope and realized that you dont necessarily need amsteel to make a nacrabiner/soft shackle style suspension connector. not everyone has access to those resources at all times and well, this is really easy to do. its almost as easy as the nacrabiner- Id say about 10% more fiddle factor. So here goes:

    started with about 22" of grand trunk's finest

    tie an overhand knot right in the middle. leave it nice and loose, we're talking a perfect circle here.

    bring the legs alongside each other

    make another over hand knot with the legs. crank this one down hard

    feed leg knot through middle overhand loop

    tighten the loop down behind knot.

    i crank on it with the butterfly-stretch armstong technique; open it up like a butterfly, grasp the loops with your fingers or two screwdrivers if you dont have the metal, like myself, and really give it some grunt

    all set up

    hangin from it now

    as it type this, this makeshift nacrabiner from normally tossed rope is suspending me for the night. i have not tested this before

    better believe my fingers are crossed

    We will see what the night holds for this test. For scientific reference im weighing in at 220lbs. test night 1 underway

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