Hey All - You may have noticed that we've chosen our new motto. Thanks to everyone for the great submissions! Some were goofy and some were thoughtful, and it was difficult to narrow them down...let alone pick a single one out of the bunch to represent us.

We didn't want to let so much creativity go to waste, so we decided to reward all the submissions that were considered in the final decisions. We'll use these submissions at other places around HF...they just won't be our official motto.

The winning entry was "Elevate Your Perspective," a spin-off of Hetairoi's "An Elevated Perspective" submission, as our motto. We liked this one because it's a call to action...more than just "here's who we are" but more like "here's something to learn, a challenge for you." Might sound a bit like we think we're better than ground dwellers, but not too much.

Some of the entries were submitted by multiple members...in this case, we chose the earliest submission.

And the winners are....<insert drum roll here>

1st place: Hammock Forums Buff, HF Hat, and Stickers
Hetairoi - Elevate Your Perspective

2nd place: 4 HF stakes, 1 pair micro biners, stickers
Craig2112 - The X, Y and ZZZZs Between the Trees

3rd Place: 1 pair micro biners & stickers
mtncmpr - Good People, Good Discussion, Great Ideas

4th Place: 1 pair microbiners
Noontime - Respect. Responsibility. Community.