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Here's a pic with my string lights on it. My daughter loved writing in her journal before falling asleep with these on.

Here's a link to the lights- http://www.prestigeglassart.com/serv...powered/Detail at 4 oz (that includes the 3aa's that power them) ....
Hmmmm... saw something similar at Hobby Lobby this week, but it took heavy "C" batteries, so I passed. Did find something similar at Lowe's among the Christmas lights. Perhaps 4' long, takes 3 AA batteries.

Now I wish I could add a dimmer switch. Anyone know something lightweight that would fit the bill? I think the ideal string would be 3' or 4' at most, take AAA batteries, be red LED, and have a dimmer switch.

I see that that web site has red LEDs, at least. Red LEDs, but overkill. Any LED experts know if it's possible to chop off some of the line and even change out the battery box from AA to AAA?

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