Hi all,

I recently purchased a Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Asym to replace a working (albeit, torn) travel hammock skeeter beater (not pro model). I purchased the HH before I found this forum or else I'd of likely purchased a Warbonnet, Clark or some other model.

I reckon I'm kind of regretting purchasing the HH, mostly because I feel like I could fix and mod the skeeter beater with whoopie slings for a better suspension system, and possibly even get at least an UQ for the same price as I paid for the HH.

I guess I'm wanting to know from the folks that are more knowledgeable in this area, would you sell the HH and modify the SB (afterall the weight of the HH is noticeably more than the SB, and it definitely doesn't pack down as well either).

I also totally realize that this is a question that only I can answer but I feel like getting some input from you fine folks would help me in my decision.

For the record, I'm about 185 and 6'0. My main "insulation" right now is a big agnes insulated air pad and a kelty light year 25 that definitely doesn't compress down very much. I'm really wanting to lighten my load overall.

Thanks so much for the feedback and for this awesome forum!