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    Working out the kinks

    Well I hung for the third time last night, in the back yard. I was cold (cool) last weekend with temps around 60º. I had debated whether I was cool on the bottom with my custom SBSBUQ or on the top with only a light fleece mummy liner. In the end I decided that it may have been both. My objective last night was to prove to myself that my diy SBSBUQ was a viable accessory and that I could sleep in a hammock without being cold. The low was supposed to be just above 50º.

    The forecast was for 100% clear skies with low humidity, so I elected to skip the tarp, even though I knew a low hung tarp could keep me a bit warmer. I hung the hammock before dark and almost changed my mind about the tarp when I noticed some small gusts (forecast was 7 mph out of the NNW). I hung between a 5" magnolia and a 30" hickory about 16' apart, where I have hung before and where I will probably hang in the future when I need to test out gear.

    You all gave me suggestions on how to better hang my UQ. The most obvious solution was the triangles. I had neither the opportunity to order some of these nor the time to stitch something up. But with my new setup on my ridgeline (see details here), I did have a place to snap the hooks which would give a similar aspect to the triangles, pulling the UQ ends up and making it more snug. I ended up tightening the suspension on the UQ. When I first laid in the hammock, I could immediately tell the difference in the UQ. I could feel exactly where the edge was behind my shoulder, and it easily adjusted from the opposite (zippered) side.

    I went back out to the hammock about 10:30, with the temp about 62º. I laid straight down and threw my down mummy bag over me. I did not really make any effort to find my sweet spot, but was comfy with out having to adjust, except that after about 5 minutes, I felt my core temp rising, so I partially vented the mummy bag, which was already only loosly draped over me. In a short time, I drifted off to sleep, and didn't wake up until about 3:30. Though I was not cool like I had been the week before, I decided to do a slighly better job of covering with the SB as TQ. I took a momemt to better adjust, but I only ended up moving a few inches, and I was back asleep. I woke up at 7:00 to temps of about 52º, snug and warm.

    I scooched up in the hammock to enjoy the view of the bayou and to see the birds, squirrels, ducks and pelicans I had been hearing. After about 2 mintues I saw a largish dog trot across the yard until it stopped about 20' away from me. It didn't take but a momemt for me to realize it was no "dog" but quite obviously a coyote. It paused and looked directly at the hammock. Though I could see him clearly through the bug net, I doubt he could see me on the inside; the wind was at a right angle, so I don't think he caught my scent. We stared at one another for maybe 5 seconds before he turned tail and ran, and I could see where he went through the underbrush to the neighbor's yard.

    I have to admit that my heart was beating a bit after this. It is pretty common knowledge that there are coyotes around here, but to see one in the middle of the city (even in a forested area in town) is unheard of. I had an encounter with a coyote 5 years ago in the Smoky Mountains (Cades Cove), and the animal's gait and stature was exactly the same. It really was exciting! And it was fortuitous that I skipped the tarp last night as well. I may have to do that more often.

    Anyway, it looks like I am moving forward with my hanging prowess. I am looking forward to more and exciting hanging experiences.
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    You are getting your hammock confidence!!!!
    That always attracts the wild things.
    Like a bayou safari.....
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    Pretty interesting Hang report. I could imagine seeing a Coyote in the yard would get one excited. Sounds like you're getting it dialed in for comfort and what works for you. I'm working to do the same with my hammock, experimenting with different adjustments. Tight, loose, higher, lower, hanging from different size trees, etc. I'll get there eventually.

    I used to live in Pensacola years ago. Off of Olive Road, northern parts of Ptown. Gorgeous areas just north of there to hang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by islander View Post
    . . .I could imagine seeing a Coyote in the yard would get one excited. . . .
    Last night as I was setting up in the dark . . . there was a lone Coyote across the water from us. . .
    Doing the half coyote call . . . "hellooooo I'm alonnnnne where are youuuu"
    He was so loud my wife came out to check it out.
    She said "Auuu, poor baby"

    I believe there are a couple of families, the other on this side of the water.
    the lake/river is only a couple of hundred yards across.
    the only crossings are roads, one on a bridge, and the other a dam,
    both a couple + miles up and down.

    I have seen lone coyotes in our yard and around in the daylight.
    At night they are sometime real close as a group.
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