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    Waterproof Snakeskin for Hammock and UQ

    Quote Originally Posted by TinaLouise
    I have the small featherlite and I've found that with my gear in the summer time that the "back" pack has plenty of space in it so that I end up rolling the top closure all the way down. Wintertime, my much larger UQ & TQ and more clothes too, end up causing me to use the whole pack with very little room to roll the top closed. (but it does roll up enough to seal).
    I sometimes pack my insulated hammock (approximate equivalent of hammock with UQ attached) inside my Aarn pack and sometimes tie it on as a horseshoe roll over the top. This is made simpler by using a 6' long snakeskin of silnylon that is about 7" in diameter. Attachment is easy with one set of lasso locks to hold the ends. The top pack closure strap holds the center of the horsehoe roll. The long seam on the snakeskin is well sealed with silicone, so I left it on the outside. That way the interior of the tube is smoother, so packing/unpacking is easier (no silicone to catch on the hammock). This works well with Featherlite Freedom and Mountain Magic 55. I use the Mountain Magic to lend to hiking companions, and they have often brought more clothing or food than needed, so it's nice to have the option of external storage for the hammock. The whole package is waterproof (well tested on my last hike). I just use a drawstring closure for the ends because they face downward when the hammock is tied on the pack, but it would be possible to make a more waterproof roll-top closure on each end.
    As my load gets smaller over the course of a multi-day trip I can shift from external packing to internal. For cool weather camping the hammock will just stay on the outside. At first I was concerned that the width of the load would risk having the snakeskin snag on brush along the trail, but the lasso locks compress the sides enough that it doesn't stick out past my arms at all.

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    Could you please post a picture? I'm having difficulty imagining it.
    Thank you!

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    lasso locks? please point me in a direction where i can learn what these are.


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