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    Velcro to attach underquilt?

    I have several least that I am willing to admit on this forum

    1. I move around a lot when I sleep.
    2. The DIY IX underquilt I made doesn't seal well- likely too big as it has shock cord through grosgrain and it will "ride up" and vent. Was camping this weekend and it was in the mid 30's and I felt cool, not cold.
    3. I don't particularly like the feel of the tight shock cord when it does seal.

    So that lead me to thinking that one could, perhaps, attach an IX underquilt by Velcro. The seal would be good and it wouldn't move around and need adjusted. Has anyone tried this before? Will the stitching of the Velcro to the hammock weaken the hammock? Any ideas (other than "try it and let us know!" )

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    Lots of quilts and hammocks have been made to mate with Velcro. Namely those from Speer's. Better than using Velcro most use Omni Tape. Is has both the hook and the loop sides woven on each side, it helps to keep dirt and crud out of the Velcro but it also is less likely to grab on bug netting.
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    Velcro attachment on a Speer

    I just finished an undercover for a Speer, see attachment. The UC is attached along its full length to the existing Speer velcro. I found you must extend the velcro 6 inches beyond the end of the UC to avoid it pulling away when the hammock is occupied. This extension is bright green in the photo. I use an Insultex quilt between the UC and the hammock. I used three wide velcro tabs (hooks and loops to go between the UC attachment) along each of the quit sides.

    I used it successfully at the Fall MAHHA last weekend with the temp in the 40s.

    I got the trail name last weekend too.
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