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    VIDEO: Manistee River Trail Solo Stomp.

    Hi there ..
    Since I didn't get the chance to go on the Fall Michigan hang last weekend I ended up going up there solo. Couldn't resist with all the great videos and trip reports that everyone posted. I just had to go ... .

    Temps got down to 30* and slept well with my Crowsnest and Burrow. Had a cold spot on my butt in the middle of the night when I woke up to the howls of coyote's, but after some adjusting I fell right back to sleep. Next time I'll bring something to throw under me for added insulation.

    My Gossamer gear pad at my feet worked out perfectly keeping my foot box warm. It did have frost on the underside when I packed it up. Pitched my Warbonnet Bigmamajamba right down to the ground and my Blackbird was awesome again. I went to sleep at 10pm and didn't wake until 9am. Great night's sleep in the outdoors!

    Hope ya all enjoy, can't wait to get out again ....


    Thanks to all of you.
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    "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks". John Muir.

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