I now have 3 DIY Speer-type hammocks. I love them and they are very comfortable, but they have what I am calling "the Taco syndrome". Once you lay in them the sides kinda come up and fold over inside the hammock and it ends up looking like a taco shell.

I know a pad will help to hold the hammock open and I have even seen people use small tent poles to keep the hammock spread. I don't always use a pad with my hammock and I just don't like the pole idea. I guess my HH has spoiled me with all the interior roominess it has because of its side tie-outs.

If I were to add side tie-outs to one of my hammocks what would be the best location: middle of the hammock, near head, shoulder area, etc...?

Do the tie-outs need to be located on the edge of the hammock, on the rolled hem, or would it be better to move them down on the body of the hammock a little (the hammock would be reinforced no matter where they are located)?

I also had the thought that side tie-outs that are offset, or not located directly across from each other, may help give the hammock a more asymmetrical shape.

Thoughts and comments?