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If it helps, I'll tell you what I did- get some accessory cord at the climbing/mountain shop; 12 ft should be plenty; tie one end in a bowline around the whoopie where it attaches to the hammock, then run around the other end, but stay above the link-point, and back along the (new) ridgeline- tie a taunt-line hitch, or other laterally adjustable knot, and start testing what length gives the right sag for you to be comfortable. once you find a comfortable setting, just tie both ends permanently to the whoopies, or hammock, at their connection points.
KM (who loves knots and strings...)
Yes, that helps a lot!

I actually bought an adjustable ridgeline when I got my whoopieslings, so that should help speed up the adjustment process a bit. Once I get it to the length I like where it's comfortable, I can use Camoform tape to tape off the excess...I love the Camoform tape stuff, btw...I cut thin strips of it to wrap the whoopie slings for storage, as well as keeping the tree hugger straps bundled.