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nope, both are breaking strength. heavy wt polypro has a breaking strength of 700-800# per inch of width depending on where you get it. that means 2" would be 1600# and 1/2" would be 400#

the strapworks is 3500# is the break strength as well.

i haven't seen any webbing rated on a safe working load, except everything sold at home depot or walmart etc...

line is only stronger than webbing for it's weight b/c you can get line made from spectra and vectran. webbing usually comes in polyester/nylon/polypro, which is all weaker # for # than high tech fiber. this is the main reason, i'm sure there is some strength difference between a 12 strand braid and a webbing weave, but the main difference is from the fiber it's made of.
All of which still leaves me surprised that the 1200 lb line broke before the 700lb webbing. Particularly since it broke in the middle instead of at the knot.

Of course, there are always many other variables, sometimes unknown ones, such as wear or exposure to elements. Or, I suppose, even a bad batch from the manufacturer or normal manufacturer tolerances.