So I have a question/proposal. I have seen several people comment on only having trees that are farther apart than idea resulting in having to hang very high to get to 15 deg. My question is would a second structural RL (set to slightly longer than tarp length) allow an almost flat suspension hang while still giving the actual hammock a 15 deg hang. Thoughts for it are making the normally small loop between the actual end of the hammock and the actual suspension noticeably longer and then connecting the second RL to where that and the main suspension meet. By adjusting that to allow a 15 deg angle between the hammock end and there would allow a flat suspension while keeping the angle at the hammock.

Other advantage I see is by making the second RL slightly longer than your tarp you can hang the tarp off of it which saves carrying/setting up a second suspension for the tarp. Using the main suspension also means there is no small line around the tree to potentially harm the tree in the event of high winds that was discussed somewhere (can't remember where that thread is though on why huggers for the tarp also).

Thoughts on why it would/wouldn't work are welcome, I'm sure I've missed some stuff somewhere either good or bad.