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    Dutch-biner Use

    Okay boys and girls,

    Since recieving my pair of Dutch biners my wittle brain has been firing on most cylinders and this is what I did with mine.

    First off it is important to take note that I am a wittle shorter than most others that hang out in the woods, I prefer a low hang so that my feet can touch the ground (but than can mean ground splatter when it rains), I wuv to sit in my hammock and swing, and I would prefer not to get "clothes-lined" by the Structoral ridgeline, soooo...
    I have used my Dutch biners to create a removeable Adjustable Ridge line, and also added a slack-line to my hammock with the help of the Dutch biners.

    Smokebait at was nice enough to make an extra long adjustable ridge line for me and two continous loops. By simply larksheading the continous loops to my hammock and then installing the Dutch biners, and then connecting my extra long ASRL/whoopiesling, I am able to remove the SRL altogether when sitting, or just make the SRL longer and let it hang on the side of my hammock as a slackline and create a footrest for swinging in the hammock while sitting sideways.

    It has allowed me to hang higher off the ground (no more required weather shield to prevent ground splatter), no more stooping over under a low tarp, no more clothes lining, and it is much easier and comfortable to lollygag. I can leave my 2Q/ZQ organizer connected when used as a slackline/footrest, and just because I'm short it doesn't mean I have to hang low to the ground.

    By installing the dutch biners and continous loops I can play the guitar string/ridgeline to my hearts content and don't have to worry about it fraying or causing any damage to the end of the hammock.

    It works like a dream and makes my lollygagging time much more comfortable and most enjoyable.

    Three suggested names are:
    1. The Barefoot Rig
    2. Barefooting
    3. The Lollygag line

    Thanks for helping me out Smokebait!

    What do you think of that stuff....HawkEye (aka..Mr. Slacker)?
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