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    Quote Originally Posted by Lando View Post
    Sounds like a good way to do it!
    That technique is entirely suitable. I would not do it that way but only because I have two left hands. Keeping the seam straight and even would be a very difficult task _for me_. I would fold and stitch first just to avoid some frustration down the line. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the technique offered. It simply would not be my choice for the stated reasons. If you are confident with your skills as a stitcher go for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by animalcontrol View Post
    Combo for me...fold it over and then sew through both layers as I attach to the shell.
    two layers strong without extra work!
    That's how I did it on my UQ. On my TQ, I did not pre-hem or fold, sewed through 1 layer.

    Also, when I cut the bugnet, I use the stretch to my advantage. It usually stretches much more in one direction than the other. In the several types of bug netting I have, all of them stretch more along the roll direction than across the width.

    I cut the baffles to put the stretch direction "on the vertical" to allow it to stretch instead of tearing a baffle when I stuff it, wash it, or I'm just a little too rough with it..

    In other words, if my baffles are 60"x2", it stretches more in the 2" direction than the 60" direction.

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