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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotty View Post
    Some of the smaller single braid Dyneema lines are pretty good with tangle resistance but IMHO not as good as Dacron covered Spectra lines, like Speer no tangle, which is stiffer. Also the Dacron cover makes it better for holding knots.
    I'm torn between being able to splice, or the stiffness/no-tangle.

    I made some guy lines for my Edge tarp over the weekend, and I spliced eyes into each end and used #0 S-biners for quick attachment. My fiance loved the idea (she uses the blue Edge tarp now), and they held up to 50MPH winds we had yesterday (though one of the S-biners gates popped).

    I guess I'll just have to try both and see what works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonely Raven View Post
    I didn't realize he had some of this...I just put in an order for a quilt...I should get a hold of him and ask if he can add some to my order.
    I use it with my Spinn UL tarp from him. I got some of the mini cord locks that the hammock forums store sells. Everything held really well in the insane wind I was in the other night.
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