For my two cent's worth, I want to say that I had an absolute blast this past weekend at RRG with the guys who were able to make it. I've never attended an hangout and didn't totally enjoy the company of everyone there. My many thanks to Headchange4U, Cerberus, Grizzly Adams and Mule for making this one of the best hangouts I've attended. It was great to have the opportunity to meet Grizzly Adams and Mule (skskinner), one of our newest members. And as always, it was great to hang out with Cerberus (king of the powdered cheese) and Headchange. I loved seeing the interesting gear, especially the bridge hammock a'la Grizzly Adams. Thanks again to Mule for being my hiking partner for the weekend, I really enjoyed it. I hope we can do it again sometime.

The weather was just as HC described it, but nothing that couldn't be overcome with an extra layer of insulation at night. Of course, the second night was a bit warmer and I think most of us wound up pulling off layers. Again, an excellent hangout. Those who couldn't come were definitely missed, you guys would have enjoyed the trip. Hopefully you can make it up some time. I think there was some talk of making this an annual or biannual event. I hope y'all are in agreement.