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Well this was another great hang out. This one was attended by Cerberus, Mule (skskinner), Hooch, GrizzlyAdams, and myself. I had a GREAT time and really enjoyed meeting Grizz, Mule , and Cerberus for the first time. The weather was beautiful all weekend and the RRG was ablaze with fall colors.

We found a nice, secluded spot not far from the original campsite Doctari suggested.

Friday's daytime temps were in the upper 40's\lower 50's with the night time temps reaching 30, maybe a little below. It was cold. Saturday was a little warmer with day time temps probably in the mid to upper 50's. The thermometer said 35* when I checked it Sunday morning. The hot dog dinner on Saturday was great, and really tasty after the day hike to Gray's Arch and back.

I enjoyed seeing everyones setup. I got to see a HH Super Shelter for the first time on Mule's setup. I also got to see a bridge hammock for the first time and I got to test it out. It's a very comfortable hammock and I can see me making one in the very near future.

I also got to test out my Ticket to The Moon hammock and the new Speer Winter Tarp. The tarp performed well but with a few issues that I will address in an upcoming review. The TTM hammock was extremely comfortable and worked out better than I expected. Unfortunately many of my pics didn't come out but I will take some more when I get a chance.

I would like to thank everyone who attended and I hope you had a great time like I did. For those of you who planned to attend but could not make it, you were missed

Here is a gallery of pics. Most of these pics were thanks to Mule. There must have been condensation in my camera because most of my pics came out to blurry to recognize.

RRG Hang Out Photo Gallery.

The motley crew (left to right headchange4u, Hooch, GrizzlyAdams, Cerberus, and Mule (skskinner))
I look like a burglar in this photo. Everyone else looks like respectable campers. I look like I'm gonna go ransack their hammocks when they turn their backs.