My son and camped overnight on the Foothills Trail just west of Whitewater Falls. We at a beautiful flat spot on the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Jocassee. The only downside was that streams were all dried up. We had to go about a mile out of our way to get water and lug it back to the camp site.

I'm planning to do a longer 30 odd mile section around Lake Jocassee next month. I've hiked the 30 miles from Oconee State Park to Whitewater falls and hammock camped along the way. It is beautiful along the rivers there.

Anyone else here hiked the Jocassee Gorges section of the Foothills Trail to offer advice or warnings?

Here are some pictures from the most recent trip.

View on the way up to the camp site:

Our camp site at the top, with my hammock and my son's tent. It is hard to see out with the leaves, but the view drops off for about 180 degrees of views looking out towards Lake Jocassee and Lake Keowee:

Here is the sign at the start of the trail showing where we were headed from Whitewater towards Sloan Bridge: