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I remove the OCF and roll the undercover and hammock together in the snakeskins.
Sometimes I have done this, packing the OCF into it's own dry sack or into a dry sack with other stuff I want to keep dry at all costs. Worked just fine.

Or, I stuff the entire hammock/SS and maybe TQ into their own dry sack or stuff sack. Though that won't work with the sack the hammock came in. All you need is a large enough sack.

Lastly, sometimes I just stuff it all into my pack. This works just fine also.

If every thing- including TQ- is stuffer into one big sack, then when you get to camp and hang your tarp and then hang your hammock, you are ready for bed. Once the hammock comes out of the sack and is hung up, so is the SS or UQ and TQ.