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Thread: Big Agnus/SPE

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    Big Agnus/SPE

    Didn't see it on "search" so here's the question?

    I have a BA +15 Lost Ranger and want an SPE.

    Rather than purchase an SPE why could't I just make "pad extenders" and attach them to the provided sleeve on the BA bag and waalaa, modified BA SPE!

    Have any of you done this and how? Velcro,other? hummm......

    I'm not sure sewing would be an option, although I will have to look a little more closely at the design of the bag. Even at 6'3'' I really don't have a problem with this bag and would like to continue to use it,only modified....


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    you might be able to attach some velcro to the outer layer of the BA pad pocket.

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