I just came back from an overnight hang with my stepson. I've been working on lightening my kit and so I tried using some Bull Line http://www.arncocorp.com/Product.aspx?PAGE_ID=266 as suspension webbing. It has a 1200 lb breaking strength and weighs a bout 1oz for a 10 ft piece. I sewed loops on to each 15 foot hunk and they worked like a charm. Because it is getting cool enough to need an underquilt every night, I have switched to a single layer hammock. By leaving my biners and buckles at home I've got my hammock weight down to 1lb 4oz. My old set up with bottom cover and larger straps and hardware was right at 2 lbs. New setup: (10' hammock 13oz, skins 1 oz, 30' of webbing 3oz, bugnet and ridgeline 2.6oz) . My modified McCat tarp with skin, shock cord tie outs and the added doors weighs 1lb 8 oz. but has kept me bone dry during a tropical storm. I'm also carrying my Snugfit and a 30 degree down bag. I decided that being too lazy to tie and retie a knot was not worth the extra weight I was humping all day long. Has anyone else tried Bull Line or Mule Tape?