For what it's worth, I was at it again today! LOL After looking at one of the sites someone gave a link to, I realized I could put a stuff sack in the unused space above my head. (no comments on unused space in my head!) So, here's what I did--

I took an REI UL stuff sack I was not using and shortened it lengthwise. I wanted "short, but fat." I also sewed a loop onto the bottom. Then I ran a shock cord from the HH suspension prussik hook through the open space created by the two zippers 2QZQ installed for me. Attached that shock cord to the loop. Now I have a stuff sack that will hold a down beanie, some mittens, whatever, out of the way in previously unused space. But I can pull it down to open and get into it as needed, then the shock cord pulls it back when I let go.

No photos, but if anyone needs to see it, I can do that tomorrow. I might add a mitten hook to the stuff sack, to hook to the ridgeline, as when full the sack tends to fall out of the hammock when I get out.

Rain Man