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I am horrible at sewing and I want to make an IX UQ as cheap and easily as possible. I sleep very cold. With that in mind I was thinking about buying a 2Q2Z Silnylon UQP and then inserting 3 to 4 layers of IX that has been velcro-ed together in such a manner that their would ample air space in between each sheet. Has anyone tried this? I am a new hanger and a new DIY. I figured this would make it more adjustable between seasons and easier to experiment with. Any advice? Your quilts look great guys!
if you plan on using the underquilt protector to hold up the IX UQ my guess would be no

if you can find a way to hang it on it's own i don't see why it wouldn't work
but it would need to be sewn to a point ... might get away without but not sure how