I was hanging this weekend, trying to get my tarp close to the structureal ridgeline of my hammock. Everything looked OK on set up, but when I go into the hammock, I sagged down pretty far (maybe close to a foot spread between the ridgeline and the tarp. Not sure exactly why, but it seemed like the Whoopies were flexing. I am pretty close to the 225 lb. limit (but still under, even with UQ, sleeping bag, etc., but not by much). The ridgeline seemed to be doing its job, the marlin spike hitch was tied very close to the tree, so I am thinking that the Whoopies stretched. Is this possible? Or is there some other aspect of the set up that I should be focusing on? Thanks for your input. By the way, this did not cause me much trouble because the winds were low, but with wind or blowing rain, I would have gotten blasted.