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    Minnesota Frozen Butt Hang - January 7-9, 2011.

    This is a "trial balloon" to see if there is interest in a mid-winter "Frozen Butts" hang in Minnesota. I'm looking at a calendar and thinking the weekend of January 7-9, 2011 would work for me.

    This would probably be "up north" in Minnesota, though NOT NECESSARILY on the Superior Hiking Trail. In the interest of encouraging participation from all without getting into gear checks or experience, I envision a shortish (3-5 mile) walk-in to a hang site. There will likely be snow (think snowshoes) and seriously cold temperatures. Lows could be sub-zero (F.)

    The actual hang site selection would depend partly on who wants to go and how many there are. I'm willing to do some research to line up a site. If there are "out-of-towners" whose travel would dictate an overnight spot in the Twin Cities on their way to-and-fro, I have floor space aplenty.

    So, this is a very early trial balloon to test interest. If you want to try your gear in winter conditions...or acquire (make or buy) winter gear to extend your hammock kit inventory...get cracking! Clear the calendar!

    Safety Disclaimer: In serious cold weather, you can experience risk of injury or extreme discomfort if you aren't prepared for it. You should NOT contemplate coming along unless you've tested your gear in similar conditions whether in a backyard or a local park. This is not the time to inaugurate stuff you've never used!
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